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When I just started work after graduation, I have earned income to spend on the things I desired. But if I came across something that is too expensive, I would tell myself to forget it. It is outside of my budget. That is the way I was brought up.

Spend within my means and forget about things that I cannot afford. These things are meant for the rich people only. After reading a few books and attending a few seminars on wealth creation, I have realized my mistake of laziness. Instead of thinking very hard on how to earn money to buy those expensive things, I have chosen the easy way out by giving myself the excuse that I cannot afford it. In fact, my laziness to think hard to make money is inherent in a lot of ways in my life. Firstly, when someone tried to show me a way that I could earn money, I would turn him because I was too busy with my current employment.

I felt that there is no need for me to further stretch myself to earn extra money since I was already receiving a reasonable steady income. I should relax and enjoy myself during my leisure time. Actually, that was an excuse. The real reason was that I was not prepared to think and work hard to become rich. What I really wanted was instant wealth! I simply wanted to become rich without the need to go through the process of failures and setbacks. But this is not possible based on my knowledge gained from reading and observations.

Failures and setbacks are essential for everyone to learn from their mistakes so that they can improve and achieve success. Secondly, if there was a proven system available for me to achieve wealth, I was still not prepared to do it. My excuse for laziness would be that I did not have a coach to guide me. I would face difficulties in learning to use the proven system. I would need someone to handheld me all the way. I could not do it by myself.

Thirdly, if there was a mentor to coach me to achieve wealth, the first question that came to my mind was does this really work? What if there is no result after putting in all my efforts? Why don't I just wait and see. Let observe someone who was doing it and see what would be his outcome. If he were successful, then I would follow him.

Wait and see attitude is just another excuse for laziness. As you can see, I could come out with all sorts of excuses for doing anything even if there were perfect conditions available. All these excuses voice down to one and only one thing, I was not ready to pay the price to become rich. I was ready to work hard for an employer but I was not ready to work hard for myself.

How did I finally realize my mistake? Well, it was due my exploration to gain instant wealth. When someone told me that I could be rich by doing option trading, I quickly signed up for the course and hope to gain instant wealth. After studying and learning for a while, I realized that a lot of time and effort is required to truly master the necessary skills. When someone told me that I could be wealthy by investing in real estate, I was distracted and gave up on the previous course that I was learning. I would then signed up for the new course and hope to gain instant wealth. I had tried a lot of things but only to give up when I found that I needed to put in a lot of hard work to master the skills.

I was looking for a way to gain instant wealth. In the end, I was forced to face the reality that there is no quick way but hard work. Hard work is required mentally, emotionally and physically.

If I want to become right, I need to think of ways and means to learn and accumulate wealth. This is mental hard work. Each time I face a failure or setback, I need to deal my emotions so that I do not give up. This is emotional hard work.

I need to spend time and effort to carry out the actual actions to learn and accumulate wealth. This is physical hard work. Without hard work, there will be no failures and setbacks.

Without failures and setbacks, I will not be able to learn from my mistakes so that I can achieve success one day. With this new understanding, I am no longer afraid to work hard for myself. * DISCLAIMER * The author, publisher and distributors particularly disclaim any liability, loss, or risk taken by individuals who directly or indirectly act on the information contained herein.

All readers must accept full responsibility for their use of this material.

Max Ng helps people who desire success to learn from his mistakes and realizations by sharing his personal struggle for success at http://www.richdadsecrets4me.com. He is the author of "Your Greatest Gift! Why Waste It?" at http://www.yourgreatestgift.com

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