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New York real estate

New York real estate New York City is the financial capital of the world. As the city with population larger than many of the world's countries, the city has thousands of rules and regulations. At the same time NYC has the largest number of real estate companies than any other city.

Hiring a NYC real estate attorney or real estate lawyer is definitely a must when you have decided to purchase or sell a house, coop or a condo. Without an experienced real estate lawyer you are likely to make some major mistakes when faced with contract conditions, terms and hundreds of fees. Real estate lawyers will review all the legal documents before you sign them, and renegotiate the terms of the contact to protect your interests.

A real estate lawyer can help you save thousands of dollars in unnecessary closing costs, title fees, mortgage broker fees, points, bank fees. If you are selling any real estate in New York, a real estate lawyer will make sure you are protected by reviewing your survey, building plans, asking you about any construction you have done. Real Estate lawyers dont charge as much as mortgage brokers or real estate agents, the fees usually range from $750- $2,500 for a typical residential closing.

If you are a purchaser a NYC real estate lawyer will help you get a credit for any housing, building violations, illegal structures, open permits and sometimes pay for the attorney fee tenfold. A real estate or mortgage broker is not qualified to give any legal advice, this is supposed to be left exclusively upto attorneys. You should try to look for an lawyer in your area that specializes in real estate law.

If you got a list of attorneys you can try to call some of them; and ask any questions that you might have and decide who you like based on your conversation. You will find out what their fees are, get an idea of their availability, many will agree to work on flat fee basis. With complexity of State and City laws a lot can go wrong for you when buying or selling and it's best to have a New york real estate lawyer representation when dealing with these problems. You'll need a lot of advice throughout your transaction, so choose someone who is willing to speak to you. New York Real Estate Attorneys of Robert Aronov & Associates, PC bring you this information to protect you in the home buying or selling process.

Robert Aronov is author of this article on real estate law. Find more information about New York real estate lawyers here.

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