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Much of a managers effort is directed toward the planning function. These resources help you improve your skill in strategic planning, business organization and reorganization, competitive intelligence, benchmarking, and the related activities.

Safely Managing the Holiday Season
Safely Managing the Holiday Season explores what can you do to ensure that all your employees - and your company - make it through the holidays safely.

Planning and Organizing
Planning and organizing are essential to the success of any manager. This special looks at how to plan and organize more effectively.

Strategic Planning and Corporate Vision
No matter how clear your corporate vision, you need a strategic plan in order to achieve it. Six About Guides tell you how in this About Industry special.

Data Integration, The Key To Profits
Data Integration, The Key To Profits. Every data silo you allow to exist costs you money, decreases your flexibility, and reduces your profit. Here's how to get rid of data silos, achieve data integration, and increase your profit.

Key Driver Analysis Chart Reports
Many factors have an impact on customer satisfaction and loyalty. You don't have enough resources to attack all the problem areas. Key driver analysis tells you what is most important to your customers and where to spend your money for the greatest impact. Key driver charts help you understand the results of a key driver analysis quickly so you can take action.

Guaranteed Customer Satisfaction?
Guaranteed Customer Satisfaction, from your About.com Guide to Management, argues that this goal is not only achievable, but is essential.

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