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Issue 1: New International Airport for Southern Pacific Zone of Costa Rica, by Marcel Pfeister In this first issue of the Land Assurance Newsletter, we report briefly on the plans to build a new international airport in the southern Zone near Palmar in Osa County Issue 2: All About Costa Rica's Maritime Zone Law, by Timothy Woodruff This article describes the rules, including the pitfalls, associated with this widely misunderstood and vitally important law. The bottom line is do not buy land in the 200 meter Maritime Zone of Costa Rica without the all-important concession unless you are willing to take a big risk. Issue 3: Plans to Pave The Quepos-Dominical Part of the Coastal Highway in Costa Rica, by Marcel Pfeister The planned 2007 completion date for the paving of the Quepos-Dominical part of the Coastal Highway mentioned in this article clearly was not met. On the other hand, the road is definitely being prepared for pavement and the badly needed bridges are going in. Anybody care to bet that paving at least gets started in 2008? Issue 4: Rules for Purchasing Titled Real Estate in Costa Rica, by Timothy Woodruff Buying real estate in Costa Rica is not completely unlike doing so in the US or Canada. The names and the language may be different, but the concepts of secure public title, written binding contracts, due diligence periods, escrow, title insurance, and 100% transparency, can and must be followed here.

Issue 5: How To Buy Real Estate in Costa Rica with Your IRA, by Larry C. Grossman, CFP The well-known author explains how easy it is for an American to use his or her IRA to buy real estate in Costa Rica. Several Land Assurance clients have already done so. We can help guide you through the process. Issue 6: Costa Rica's Computerized Real Estate Registration System, complied by Marcel Pfeister Costa Rica has a more advanced property registration system than do most counties in the US.

You can do a title search on any property from your own computer. The article explores the improvements that are being made to the system, to further safeguard the rights of property owners. Issue 7: Sustainable Development: Our Responsibility as Developers in Costa Rica, by Timothy Woodruff One big reason we all love it here so much is because of the abundance of nature.

It is our absolute duty as custodians of this international treasure to follow the principles of sustainable land use, including for building roads, lots, and houses. Issue 8: The National Road Master Plan for the Southern Pacific Coast of Costa Rica, by Marcel Pfeister A new national road master plan was proposed in order to help relieve congestion into the future. The fact that the Coastal Highway will be a major artery would appear to signal that prices are going to continue to rise around here as the area becomes more "on the map." 2007 Issue 1: World Economic Forum Ratings for Costa Rica, by Marcel Pfeister Costa Rica consistently outperforms all other Latin countries except Chile in every leading indicator, including efficiency of the economy, business competiveness, foreign investment, and so on. Issue 2: Comparing Costa Rica with Panama for Investment and Retirement, by Timothy Woodruff The bottom line is that both countries have their pros and cons, but Costa Rica gets the nod based on its more peaceful history and its modern democracy, which is second to none in all of Latin America.

Also, Costa Rica may be more expensive, but it is less corrupt and more just socially. Issue 3: The Maturing of Costa Rica's Southern Pacific Zone, by Marcel Pfeister The whole area from Quepos south to Golfito is booming and more is sure to come as airports, paved roads, huge resorts and marinas, and golf courses are being planned and/or built. Issue 4: New Land Use Rules for Osa County in Southern Pacific Zone of Costa Rica, by Timothy Woodruff The Mayor of Osa County (which covers from Dominical to Golfito) met with us and told us about his vision for how his Muni will champion sustainable land use. We at LA applaud his initiative and support him 100%.

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