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The Rags To Riches Story Of Dean Graziosi

Dean Graziozi, best-selling author and infomercial guru knows exactly what it is like to live on both sides of the money spectrum. Having spent his childhood growing up as part of a single parent family with his mother working day and night to make ends meet, he was often teased by his peers about his second hand clothes and the fact that he lived in a trailer park neighborhood. Like most self-made people, Dean used this experience to spur himself on to greater heights. At the young age of 16, Dean made some money after renovating a car and selling it for a profit. This experience would later become the basis for his highly successful program, "Motor Millions".

Through this program, Dean helped people across America make money with cars. Following on from his successful "Motor Millions" program came "Think a Little Different" which is a real estate investing program. In this, Dean uses his twenty years of experience within the real estate investor market, which started when he bought a run down property just ripe for renovation when he was only eighteen years old. Through this program Dean has been able to help others achieve similar success using his unique, proven and practised techniques. "Totally Fulfilled", Dean's first book was released in 2006 and it describes the strategies to use to reach fulfilment in life and be successful in what you do.

This book was closely followed by his second, "Be a Real Estate Millionaire" during 2007. Dean also provides a consultancy service to top professionals throughout the country as well as writing his books and managing his companies.

For the latest news on Dean Graziosi, you may view his blog and additionally visit his current projects on his website here: Dean Graziosi

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The Rags To Riches Story Of Dean Graziosi - Dean Graziozi, best-selling author and infomercial guru knows exactly what it is like to live on both sides of the money spectrum.

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