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The Money Is NOT In The List

Blogs and RSS technology offer network marketers with one of the most amazing opportunities to build relationships with prospects and customers that has ever been available. As a network marketer myself, I know that relationship-centric activities are the ones where the most payoff lies in the long run. We all like to do business with those we like and trust.

It has always, and will continue to be so for ever, until the end of the world. The secret to success in Network Marketing is to continue to do those activities that the unsuccessful do not like to do. One of those is to build relationships with people in a giving way, without ever stopping to count the cost.

Today's Internet marketing paradigm is one of the email marketer "squeezing" your email address in order to bombard you with email after email until you either buy something or unsubscribe. Does this ring true with anyone? This is the "drive it 'till it drops" mentality that I simply have no time for. "The Money Is In The List!" I hate this saying.

It is complete BS! In any business, and particularly the Network Marketing business, the money is in the relationships you invest in, develop, and then manage over time. Relationships are what monetizes, not the numbers on your list. To illustrate this point, I have recently advised a client on a new product launch in an indusrty where a good deal of professional jealousy exists. The client had a list of nearly 30,000 people that had previously received free product information. They run a very successful home study training business, and the new product looked like it would be a winner.

It was a flop. We sold less than 100 to the list. This failure displayed the importance of a relationship on future sales potential. You see, the list owner had never taken the time to build a relationship with anone on the list. Every communication from him was by autresponder email, or an email blast with another sales pitch.

People become immuned to this nonsense very quickly. As a consumer, I want value, not the next latest and greatest. I want some of you, not what you sell! It is not about the massive numbers you build on your list. It is ALL about the quality of the relationships you hold under your custodianship. Relationships require an effort from you. That is why most networkers fail.

They are rarely taught the importance of this basic human need in business value generation. We are all human beings, and our basic needs must always be met. Business or pleasure, we all love to be with those we like and trust. I make my Blog available to all to take my regular posts, and become familiar with me and my values as a business owner and person.

This "pulling" approach to marketing on the Internet will change the way we think as marketers. Blogs are a Network Marketers dream come true. You can express yourself regularly to your target audience , and they will listen because they are "pulling" the information. It is not being "pushed" at them.

Naturally, the direct to desktop nature of RSS technology wins hands down over traditional email in my book.

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