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How to Choose Your Gift Basket Business Name

What's in a name? A whole lot, these days. A rose by any other name would smell as sweet. But how a business is named does to a very large extent influence the success or failure of the whole venture. And, the same applies to a gift basket business.

The business name you choose must be indicative of what your business is about. Try to adopt a business name that is fairly short--so it's easy to remember. Your gift basket business name must have a positive quality to it. But it must also not be outlandish or unbelievable.

"The Most Beautiful Gift Baskets in the World" does have a positive connotation but if you have just a little gift shop, the name may be scorned upon, and your business might be thought of as trying to project more than you can deliver. Further, that's an awful lot of real estate space on receipts, letterheads, and the sign for your shop. The more space, the more money you have to part with, and when in business, you have to keep business costs to the minimum. And, trust people to remember a name like that.

If you rely a lot on word of mouth advertising, you can count on your business name being conveyed as "The Best Gift Baskets in the World" or "The Most Beautiful Gift Baskets on Earth" or even "The Most Wonderful Gift Baskets Worldwide". Yes, some people are experts at name mangling. The name of your gift basket business can determine the type of your clients and your popularity. Sure, a name like Cheap Gift Baskets might draw a lot of people not interested in spending huge amounts on gifts. But, it might also repel those who seek to get quality goods.

Does "cheap" imply the price of the gift basket is low, or does it imply the gift basket looks cheap? And, be sure that most discerning people will tear off your name before delivering the gift. On the other hand, Elegant Gift Baskets might be a better choice. But, something elegant usually comes with a hefty price. You decide. Your gift basket business name should be memorable yet easy to spell.

Corporate executives and their secretaries don't have time to invest in acing the Spelling Bee competitions, and not many other people do. Choose a name that people can visualize. Beautiful Gift Baskets, or Gift Baskets by Jenny.

Yes, you can use your own name. Give your gift basket business the gift of an appropriate name and your gift baskets will bring you fame.

Wendy Wood is the owner of an online gift basket directory. Sign up for free Gift Basket Business Tips http://www.seekgiftbaskets.com/gift-business-tips.htm

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