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Health and Safety Training for Your Employees

Safety training is something that is required in every workplace. Health and safety regulations require that employers provide training for their employees in the safe methods of using equipment and they are also required to hold safety drills on a regular basis. This is necessary in buildings to ensure that all employees can get out safely. Providing safety training is beneficial for employers in a case where an employee gets hurt on the job and the employer is sued for criminal negligence. In addition, every employer has a moral responsibility to ensure the safety of the employees and be assured that each one of them can operate any equipment in a safe manner. Health and safety training lets employees know that the employer cares about their welfare.

The training provides them with knowledge about the safety policies, how the employer implements these policies as well as their responsibilities. Depending on the nature of the business, the employees may need to have safety training in how to use specific safety equipment, such as fire extinguishers, how to dispose of chemicals in the proper manner or the rules regarding the operation of pieces of equipment. When new employees are hired, specific safety training may be needed to ensure that they know exactly what they should do and how they should behave in certain circumstances. Even when an employee appears to know all the information, the employer should still provide the training just to cover himself/herself if an accident should occur. All safety training for equipment or the use of safety products must be provided at the expense of the employer.

Under health and safety regulations, all employees are entitled to receive pay for the time they spend in training. Some things that should be included in a safety training course for employees are: Possible hazards in the workplace and how to deal with them Personal safety equipment required Information from suppliers and manufacturers The basis of a safety drill Reasons behind the training When employers provide training for the employees so that they will be safe for working, they are also creating a happy staff who knows they are not in danger when earning their living.

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