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According to a study made recently in the United States by financial experts, 9 out of 10 Americans should get a part of the unclaimed money. As a matter of fact, a staggering sum of money ( billions of dollars to be more exact ) from unclaimed money, funds, IRS refunds are laying around in several Government agencies, some of them are yours and you should do something about this situation, with other words, claim what you are entitled to. The Internet can help you regarding this matter, there are several trusted online records information providers that can help you reclaim what belongs to you: money, property, refunds. For example the records traces can include: holocaust victims settlement funds, missing bonds & lost saved deposit boxes, social security benefits and postal money orders, missing inheritances and abandoned properties and the list could go on. If you are wondering for how long the unclaimed funds are held then you should know that once the funds are remitted, in almost every situation, the funds are held in a perpetual trust fund ( with other words, forever ) until the owner of the funds can be found.

The law is on the owner's side because there are provisions that protect the holder from potential liability. Another question that many people ask is how do holders know when to report unclaimed property ? the obligation to report & remit these funds is triggered when there hasn't been any owner ( generated activity for a determined period of time, also known as " dormancy period " ). As I have mentioned in the second paragraph, the Internet is a great tool for claiming what is yours. You are probably wondering how these sites actually work, it is quite simple as a matter of fact: you just have to enter your name and address and they will trace down your financial history and find out what you are entitled to as well as the source of origin for it, source ID and other similar information. It is quite easy, anyone can do it, there aren't any financial knowledge you must be aware of.

If you don't trust these sites you should ask yourself what do you have to lose? I will answer it for you, nothing; you can only gain by accessing these sites. Many people have no idea about unclaimed money, this is why you should exclude yourself from this category; you have some rights, you are entitled to money/property/IRS refunds, why not take what is yours? Regarding security of your personal data people shouldn't make any problems as these sites take every precaution to protect their users/members, online and offline. Many of these sites have links to other similar sites, this is very useful because you can enter each site and then choose which one is the most suitable for your needs.

All in all, using these sites is a quick and efficient way to claim what you are entitled to and more and more people should use this method for getting back what they in fact own.

Chief editor at the Division of Unclaimed Money Administration. Expert researcher of unclaimed property and unclaimed assets in general. For more info visit http://www.unclaimedmoney.us.com.

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