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Austin Texas Neighborhood Profile Cat Mountain

Cat Mountain is one of the premier residential neighborhoods situated just outside of the city of Austin. Located within the hills west of the city, Cat Mountain provides wonderful family-friendly communities along with beautiful views of the heart of Austin. Though the area is only a short 10-minute drive from the city itself, the peace, and serenity of the Cat Mountain area can make residents forget that they are just moments away from the hustle and bustle of urban life. History Cat Mountain's original development projects began in the 1970's.

This allowed residents to escape from city life, by living in the hills overlooking Austin. Throughout the years since the community's inception, growth has continued. After yet another boom in recent years, the community has grown from just a few thousand residents to well over 26,000 people living within the developments in the Cat Mountain area. In just this short time, the community of Cat Mountain has built its own legacy of wonderful community spirit. Economy/Jobs In comparison to the rest of the nation, the area including and surrounding the city of Austin, which also encompasses Cat Mountain, has one of the most stable economies. Recent growth and development in the business and technology sectors have brought an abundance of jobs to the area, keeping unemployment rates well below the national average.

There is a variety of employers in the area offering technical and manufacturing job opportunities, as well as openings in the education and healthcare sectors. The positive trends of the area look to continue through the near future. The stable location near a growing big city will provide families a solid income for years to come.

Real Estate Homes in the Cat Mountain area date from the 1970's through brand new construction. However, even the oldest of homes in the communities are extremely well kept. The median sale price for homes in the area was about $466,750, as of the second half of 2007. There are a very few open lots available for new construction, but plenty of purchasing opportunities for newer and existing homes. As this is an upper-middle class area, home amenities are above and beyond many of the communities of the inner city. It is estimated that at least a quarter of the homes in the neighborhood have amenities that include a private pool, making these homes extremely desirable.

Attractions Life in the Cat Mountain area provides both the best of quiet country life with easy access to the features of Austin. Residents have access to a beautiful natural park, with access to wonderful hiking and biking trails. Just outside the community is a boat ramp, allowing residents to enjoy the beauty of the local lakes. Of course, being just a ten-minute drive from the downtown Austin area, enjoying the sights, sounds, and tastes of the "live music capital of the world" is convenient and very enjoyable. No matter what interests a person might have, life in Cat Mountain will provide them with the tools they need to enjoy their passion.

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