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Business management is a skill that can be learned. Some of the skills a good manager needs are explained in this website.

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Employee Coaching: When Not To Step In
Employees can't learn if their manager soes their work. You have to let people make mistakes if they are to learn. You can't just let them flounder on their own. Employee Coaching: When To Step In helps you decide when to step in and when to hang back and let them learn.

The Coffee Cup As a Management Tool
The best management tool may be a coffee cup. It gives you an opportunity to sit with someone and listen to them and learn. That kind of a conversation can be powerful employee motivation.

Business Email Is Not A Teenage Chat Room
Businesses waste too much time and money due to confusing emails. Treat business email as you would any other business communication. Make it clear and to the point. Don't let it sound like a teenage chat room.

Management Tips
Manage Older Workers
Gen X managers need to learn how to effectively manage older workers. An aging work force will require new skills of all managers and the older workers.

Alternatives to Layoffs
Reducing the workforce has become an automatic response for companies who need to cut costs to look good for Wall Street. It's wrong. It's counter-productive. It should be a last resort, not a first choice. From Your About.com Guide to Management.

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The Business Management Portal for Your Success.

Is Guaranteed Customer Service Possible, Or Is It A Pipedream?

In the course of researching a different subject, I came across this exchange. The tone of the initial posting really surprised me. Maybe we can't guarantee customer service, but shouldn't that be our goal?

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